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Why Organic?

Before we learn in detail about "Why Organic?", let us know in straight simple terms what is the global scenario today with excessive and aggressive usage and promotion of Chemical based, toxic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, whose effects have made a severe impact on well being of vegetation, species, soil, human and environment.

  • Impact of Chemical based Fertilizers and pesticides on long run:
    • They are silently yet extremely harmful to our health. They turn Moderate Poison upon the volume and type of their usage.
    • They easily enter food supply, they harm the livestock.
    • They penetrate water sources, deplete the soil, disturb and damage natural eco-systems.
    • They affect and terminate fertilization process in crops, trees, vegetables, plants. They can trigger indirect deforestation.
  • Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides are used and promoted due to:
    • Inadequate knowledge and short-sightedness.
    • Commercial Interests of fertilizer companies.
    • Incomplete information driven by Market and Marketing forces.
    • Absence of a profound legal government framework to regulate their usage.
  • Other serious concerns:
    • Extinction of traditional and healthy agriculture.
    • Endangered species on verge of extinction.
    • Some rare medicinal plants and rare ancient seeds on vanish.
    • Wild life and other species are endangered.
    • General Immunity & Health.
    • Serious environmental threats and Global Warming.
  • Why and what to do for Organic Agriculture?
    • Assess and evaluate the situation and usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
    • Get the easy know-how and various methods of Organic Agriculture
    • Equip with necessary training and supervision to start Organic
    • Organic Agriculture is a healthy and sustainable farming practice
    • India’s Organic Agriculture is about gaining wisdom of our agriculture heritage
    • Organic Agriculture vitalizes and enriches the soil season by season.
    • It increases long term yield, nutrient value and potency of crops.
    • It allows for a naturally clean water supply.
    • Organic Agriculture is a best social message on part of everyone involved in this practice. Be them farmer, their families, livestock, farmlands and communities at large.