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Vision 2020 | The Collective Green Act


We all act

We at Cippy are ever destined and determined for Holistic approach to our services, products or issues the Agriculture and Environment fraternity faces from time to time.

Major of our Research and Inventions are triggered by the problems and consequences faced by Farmers, the issues loaded onto this soil.

It gives us immense challenge and interest to locate and shoot the evils. Environment and Mother Nature is everyone's shared responsibility. Bigger and larger the issues, widespread the efforts should be. Which can help fight such battles effectively.

In nutshell, assessing current global situation, we have following serious and severe concerns and issues:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Soil
  • Crop Diseases
  • Climate Change
  • Mental and Physical Human Health
  • Serious Epidemics
  • Diminishing Species
  • Greatly Damaged Eco System
  • Planet Earth in Crisis

After the astounding response to Cippy's flagship "Vision2010", continuing this march together, with you, the Vision2020 is a modest concept and a larger action-plan conceived and developed by Cippy and concerned individuals, agencies and some actively working platforms, working for Agriculture, Environment and Health Causes.

Cippy Green Vision 2020With Cippy's presence, involvement and contribution to Organic and Eco Friendly interests way back since 1980's, we think and feel that it's our social responsibility to bring this task to forefront. We are inviting Individuals, Professionals, Agro dealers, active Workers/Contributors, Organisations, Farmers, Industries & Corporates, Co-operatives, key Office Bearers, responsible media, Government Offices, NGO's, Students, Scholars, Scientists to work together for this cause. Which will yield very high returns and revenue personally and globally. It's not Charity or volunteering or any kind of Activism.

It's about thinking sensibly, acting positively and sharing effectively. We the mankind are already late, and it's just threshold we are about to cross. Let's join hands and taste the difference we made together.

Vision2020 is off to start in a short time and watch out this space for all the information you want. Alternatively, you may write to us on info@cippybio.com describing your current position/contribution/occupation in this area, and other necessary personal details with Subject line of the message: Vision2020.