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Sugarcane - Trials & Results

Field Test Reports
At Crop Research Stations

Bio Efficacy Field Test Report of
Cippy’s Organic Inputs from
Agriculture University on Crop Research Station.


Sugarcane Research Station
Vasantdada Sugarcane Institute, Pune
Sugarcane with Ratoone Crop Data
Year 2004-05

  • Effect of Cippy's Organic Fertilizer/Manure (B.D.W.) on growth of Sugarcane

    Year 2004-05

  • Cippy's Organic Product comparative Test Report on Sugarcane yield

    Cippy's 100% Organic Treatment v/s.
    With & Without Chemical Treatment

    Year 2004-05

    Sugarcane Yield with
    Cippy Organic Fertilizer AND
    With & Without Chemical Treatment

    Year 2004-05

    Cippy's Organic Treatment
    with 50% Chemical Fertilizer

    Year 2004-05