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Cippy Projects


Thinking Holistic

Since a long time, Cippy has been promoting various activities and projects which can contribute to a holistic development, healthy agriculture and a happy farmer. All this resulting into a happening rural space time and happy environment. Everything in and for a Win-Win situation.

Our few projects include:

  • Vision 2020

    Vision2020 is a modest concept and a larger action-plan conceived and developed by Cippy on the successful blueprint of Vision2010. It's an action-plan converted into thriving practice headed by the Cippy and under its umbrella it has concerned individuals, agencies and some actively working platforms, working for Agriculture, Environment and Health Causes.

  • Agrizen

    Grooming, assisting and promoting of Agriculture Graduates. Training and help them explore/get new opportunities and rewarding career in various branches of Agriculture, be it Research, Production, Marketing or Management.

  • AgriWare

    Organic Agriculture Awareness Seminars and Workshops in Villages

  • Green Forum

    A Distinguished forum, Special Task Force Team for finding and solving new threats, diseases and problems

  • FairFarm

    Unique Organic Agriculture Retail Outlets & Info Centers. Contract Farming.