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C. P. Sheth, Founder & Director

A dynamic botanist & Bio-tech researcher Mr. C. P. Sheth started his first venture in Bio-technology research in the year 1980. Botanist by profession and Ecologist by nature with Agrarian background, Mr. C. P. Sheth possess a sound background in traditional Indian medicine system Ayurveda. On realizing the deadly effect of chemical products with a purpose to provide natural and eco-friendly solution to masses at large, he decided to act on real 'Green Revolution'.

He evolved & commercialized his research based organic fertilizer & Bio-Pesticides as an alternative to chemical fertilizer & pesticide in the year 1988. Now in the span since 1980s till todate, he leads the company into a diversified group of companies.

Other than that, he is holding crucial positions and responsibilities at various organizations and such platforms across the state and at a few at National Level. He is awarded for his selfless and social services blended beautifully with this business for many times. "Healthy Environment and Happy Farmer" is just his motto and mission, forever.

Viren Sheth, Director

Carrying forward the "Invent & Serve" legacy, in the year 2004, Cippy was transformed into a diversified unit, an umbrella catering to and benefitting different walks of life. And this was made possible with the presence of Mr. Viren Sheth when the group decided to diversify into Industrial, Agro, Autocare, & health care products.

Mr. Viren Sheth entered the group after an exhaustive experience of One-to-one interaction with farmers, R&D study, Management and Fieldwork, even if it was his family-owned business. The motto, the first and foremost bonds being "Farmer and Environment", the challenge ready for Mr. Viren made it possible for Cippy to add multi dimensions to the group, strengthening the R&D producing more innovative products for different sectors.

The Umbrella

With all creative and agro-inputs added by Mr. Viren, the Cippy Group being looked after by these two Directors, namely Mr. C. P. Sheth and Mr. Viren Sheth, is engaged in various segments of Organic and Biotech sectors

With these two leaders, the group has a sound and dedicated manpower, like minded people, personalities, scientists and scholars with them heading some different departments very successfully. Be it R&D, Formulations, Manufacturing, Management, Marketing or Exports.