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The Source

The objective of the research for innovative technology has been to find out a "Total Solution" to the various tragic problems, such as:

  • Depletion of soil nutrients due to decreasing soil fertility.
  • Immunity of insects and pathogens.
  • Widespread environmental degradation and pollution.
  • Contamination in all source of potable water including ground water.
  • Non-availability of toxin-free food.

The benefit and expected impact of the new technology and consequential product are that:

  • It reduces health environmental/ hazards and commitment to natural resources
  • Lowers per unit expenditure on production inputs
  • Increases output
  • Produces more profitable crops
  • Reduces natural crop losses and animal losses
  • Helps to maintain ecological balance without banning the natural, essential and useful organisms
  • Reduces income loss through commodity price fluctuations by increase in yield, quality and nutritious value of produce
  • Makes fuller use of available land, labor and other resources
  • Can be a substitute for imported Agro-inputs, resulting into saving outflow of foreign exchange.
  • Promotes sustainable Rural Development.

Research for New Challenges

Research for New Opportunities

Research must satisfy,

  • Ecological
  • Economical
  • Multi functional
  • Multipurpose
  • Universal

Our R&D Team

We are driven and supported by our strong and committed Research and Development team who have rich experience in their respective field performing stringent Quality Control, Assurance practices and continuously unleashing new applications.

On the belief that "even the best has a chance for improvement", our Research Laboratory is equipped with all the necessary modern equipments and infrastructure to carry out all our research activities.

Technology & Energy Conversion

Importantly, the latest technology utilized by us is absolutely indigenous and we are pretty firm and steady on our Energy Conversion policy and practice.

Bio-mass energy is converted and more efficient use of energy is made possible through a number of Agriculture, Auto, Industrial and Household based innovative products.